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Solar Service & Solution

  • Facilitates MNOs to extend their footprint in off-grid areas by providing load wise customized Solar-DG Hybrid system with 100% power availability.
  • Owns, installs, operates and maintains the renewable energy power system and sells power to the MNO at an agreed per kilowatt-hour rate.
  • Minimizes MNO’s OPEX though reducing DG Run Hour and also save environment through the reduction of CO2 Emission.
  • Provide customized solution to fit the existing tower sites with required shadow-free and sun facing space.
  • Solar-DG Hybrid system includes: 4 to 8 KWp PV, maintenance-free Gel battery with cooling units, 80 to 160A controller and 15 to 25 KVA DG at an average run of 1 to 2hrs per day.
  • Real-time Monitor and Control Unit includes: Site performance data, fault alarms, energy meter, diesel fuel meter, battery &DG usage reports both for individual sites and entire network of the last mile.