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Other Renewable Energy

There are many sources of energy that are renewable and considered to be environmentally friendly and harness natural processes. These sources of energy provide an alternate ′cleaner′ source of energy, helping to negate the effects of certain forms of pollution. While there are many large-scale renewable energy projects and production, renewable technologies are also suited to small off-grid applications, sometimes in rural and remote areas, where energy is often crucial in human development.

Tidal Power:

Tidal energy can be generated in two ways, tidal stream generators or by barrage generation. The power created though tidal generators is generally more environmentally friendly and causes less impact on established ecosystems. Tidal power is the only form of energy which derives directly from the relative motions of the Earth - Moon system.

Wave Power:

Wave power is the transport of energy by ocean surface waves, and the capture of that energy to do useful work - for example for electricity generation, water desalination, or the pumping of water. Most wave power systems include the use of a floating buoyed device and generate energy through a snaking motion, or by mechanical movement from the wave´s peaks and troughs.

Geothermal Power:

Geothermal energy is a very powerful and efficient way to extract a renewable energy from the earth through natural processes. This can be performed on a small scale to provide heat for a residential unit, or on a very large scale for energy production through a geothermal power plant. Geothermal power is cost effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly.