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Telecoms Renewable Energy Vendors/ESCOs Landscape in Bangladesh

The Green Power for Mobile (GPM) Programme was launched in 2008 by GSMA to promote the use of renewable energy technology and solutions by telecom Industry. The programme is supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and partners with the Government of the Netherlands.At the same time government of Bangladesh has driven financial programme to promote green technology in telecom by offering a 15% Value Added Tax exemption for all renewable energy equipment and related raw material as well. Since mid-2012, the GPM team has led Bangladesh-specific activities and conducted one country-focused working group in Dhaka in October 2012. Bangladesh, with an electrification rate of below 50%, has limited the telecom industrys delivery of power to their base station1. This document presents a summary of the power situation in Bangladesh, listing the main vendors/service providers that.

  • Applied Solar Technologies (AST)
  • Ballard Power Systems
  • BGMP
  • EBI
  • Electro Solar Power Limited
  • Eltek
  • Engreen Ltd
  • Ericsson
  • Heliocentris Industry GmbH
  • Huawei Hybrid Power – PowerCube
  • InGen
  • NextGen
  • NorthStar Battery
  • Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy
  • Southwest Windpower

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